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December 14, 2018

Guest Post: The Latest Bridal Trends


The Latest Bridal Trends

While the 2019 wedding season is still months away, brides are flocking to the upcoming trends in preparation for their big day. Next year promises to be bigger and bolder in many ways, while other brides will focus on simplicity.

If you’re still trying to figure out what to wear for your dream wedding or for your bridesmaids, the latest bridal trends might be just what you need to feel inspired.

Keeping it Simple

Many brides in 2019 will gravitate toward simple cuts and dresses lacking embellishments. This contrast to the glitz and glam of many recent bridal trends is beautiful in its own respect. Unadorned dresses put the focus on the silhouette of the gown, which is often lost under the lace, beading, and other add-ons that have become so popular.

Courthouse-style dresses are also an up and coming trend, particularly with those brides who don’t feel comfortable in overtly feminine style gowns. Cropped dresses with a simple silhouette and separates are keeping it classy without the fanfare.

Royal Wedding Inspiration

Those who enjoyed watching the royal wedding in 2018 are carrying over many of the trends to their 2019 weddings, particularly focused on Meghan Markle’s style. Markle’s traditional dress paid tribute to the Queen’s coronation gown with the simplicity that’s also trending in this coming bridal season.

In 2019, lace will still be prevalent in many designs as brides are inspired by Victorian times and traditionally elegant weddings. Those taking a simple approach to their garb will often balance it out with a luxurious lace veil.

Ruffles and Bows

While many brides are shifting away from overly feminine dresses, many are gravitating back toward previous trends in the form of ruffles and bows. Many of the dresses that will be taking over bridal shops in the coming year will be modern takes on previous styles. Yes, those wedding dresses from the 1980s are a form of inspiration and yes, puffed sleeves are also making a comeback.

While the ruffles are in a league of their own, the inclusion of bows is quite versatile. Many brides are opting for a simple gown with a large bow as the focal point of their dress, while others are looking at more subtle ways to include this accent piece.


Glitter and Metallics

Glitter and metallics have slowly edged their way into the bridal fashion scene, with a focus more on decor in recent years than attire. Now, the glitz and glam are taking the bridal scene by storm. Dresses that catch the light are becoming a favored trend, with a throwback to the 1920s flapper scene and New Year’s Eve dresses of the past decade.

In addition to having glittery adornments that make for an edgy overall look, lots of designers are opting for metallic, shimmery material rather than embellishments. If you’re getting married in the next few years, prepare to look like the rockstar you are.


Rompers and jumpsuits have made a strong comeback in the overall fashion world in recent years, and now they’re making a name for themselves in bridal trends. Jumpsuits are another option for brides who aren’t enthralled by the traditional gown and offer a lot of versatility and fun.

Jumpsuits are pulling from the various styles that have become so trendy, so you can opt for a simple-yet-elegant approach or rock the metallics with ruffles and bows. The choice is ultimately yours.

Choose Your Trend

Don’t feel as though you have to adhere to the latest bridal trends for your dream wedding. Take inspiration from the designers and come up with a look that showcases who you are and what you love. You’ll look amazing in whatever you choose, guaranteed.

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