June 5, 2019

San Diego & Malibu California Film Photos


San Diego & Malibu California Film Photos

A couple months ago I caught a plane to the west coast. With two beach sessions on my calendar and a girls trip to Malibu planned, I had been looking forward to it all spring!

If you’ve been following along on my blog, you may have noticed I recently started shooting with film – and I’m absolutely in love. In addition to helping me be more intentional with every shot, it also makes travel photography so much fun. Instead of getting home, uploading, culling and editing the photos like I normally do with digital ones, I simply send them off to the lab. When the scans arrive in my inbox, it’s like Christmas morning!!

I get to experience the trip all over again with a fresh perspective, reliving my favorite moments. Because I’m more intentional about every shot I take, I don’t have to sort through hundreds of photos. I just have my top favorites that really resonated with me, and it’s the best feeling!

It also means I’m more present while traveling because I only pull out my camera for those must-have shots. Moving forward I’m planning on only bringing my film camera with me on trips because it makes the experience so much more natural for me!

My favorite parts of the trip

  • Capturing Greg & Ella’s proposal in Solana Beach! Such a sweet moment!
  • I also photographed Nick & Bekah’s anniversary session and had a blast getting to know them. Keep an eye out for those blog posts soon!
  • The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch
  • San Diego Whale Watch – While out at sea we saw several fin whales, including a calf! This was my first time doing any type of whale watching adventure, and I was not disappointed.
  • The Getty Villa – This beautiful villa, based on a recreation of an ancient Roman country house, is home to ancient artifacts. Not only is the architecture breathtaking, but learning more about ancient culture was fascinating. I highly recommend it if you enjoy stopping at museums on your trip!
  • Malibu Wine Safari – Sipping wine while enjoying beautiful views of the vineyard? Always a good time!
  • Malibu Pier & Malibu Cafe – Brunch here was delicious, and you can’t beat the ocean views.


Enjoy some of my favorite photos below! And shoutout to Allison from The Day Dreamer Next Door for planning everything. She blogged all about our Malibu itinerary here in case you’re planning on visiting.

San Diego, California Travel Photos



Malibu, California Travel Photos




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