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August 14, 2019

Outer Banks, North Carolina Film Photos

obx_photos.jpgOuter Banks, North Carolina – Film Photos

Last month we visited the Outer Banks in North Carolina to unwind, relax and celebrate our anniversary. We found the cutest little Airbnb that was one block from the beach and allowed us to bring Chewy along! As much as I love documenting our trips, I’ve been making a big effort lately to make intentional time for it. Instead of always feeling “on” and trying to find the perfect photo opportunities, I only pull my camera out at specific times. Also, I’ve only been traveling with my film camera too! This forces me to slow down and really take in the moment.

During this trip I decided to do a little sunset picnic on the beach! Also shoutout to my husband, B, for taking the photos of me and Chew. He’s incredibly talented behind the camera, so I’m always happy when he can grab some photos on the trip.

Here are a couple of my favorite snaps. Enjoy!


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