February 27, 2023

Are Family Photos Worth It? | Virginia Family Photographer

are family photos worth it

Why Family Photos Are Worth It | Virginia Family Photographer

Someday, you’ll look back at the good ol’ days. You know the ones. The mundane motions of day-to-day life. Simultaneously filled with laughter and happiness and exhaustion and overwhelm. All the emotions, all the milestones – big and little. When you’re in them, they have an odd way of feeling like they’ll always be around. Then suddenly, poof. They’re gone. There are no more little feet running down the hallway in the early morning. No more cries to be held, no more snuggles before bedtime, no more playful giggles filling your home.

Time moves along, and the moments go with it.

You’ve all grown up a bit, and while it’s wonderful to experience new things as a family, you long for those early years. The small details, often forgotten in the grand scheme of things, are the ones you want the most. The sweet smell of baby hair, the feeling of your little one wrapped up safely in your arms. The soft touch of a little hand, walking together on an adventure. If only you could go back one more time. Film photography is magical like that. It can make you feel those emotions all over again. The catch?

You simply have to capture them before they’re gone.

When is the last time you schedule family portraits? Learn more about capturing your favorite moments.


Emily Alyssa Photography is based in Northern Virginia. Her natural light studio is located in Sterling, and she offers newborn, maternity, couples, and family portrait sessions in Virginia, Maryland, DC, and the East Coast. She’s also available for travel throughout the country. Medium format film is her camera of choice, and she loves providing a relaxed, stressed-free portrait experience for her families.


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