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June 7, 2024

How to Prepare for In-Home Newborn Photos | Northern Virginia Photographer

how to prepare home for newborn photo session

How to Prepare for In-Home Newborn Photos | Northern Virginia Photographer

Are you considering in-home newborn photos? As a Northern Virginia newborn photographer, I love offering these special sessions. While I do have a natural light photography studio in Sterling for newborn photos, I also serve families all over the DC / VA / MD area.

First, the basics. In-home newborns are special. They capture your family in your own space, often using the nursery or your main bedroom. It can feel more relaxed since I come to you, and it can be great for siblings since they can go play when we’re done with their photos. We usually take photos between 10 AM – 2 PM depending on when your home gets the best light. I’ll guide you in this, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Here are a few tips on preparing your home!

Tip #1: Your home DOESN’T have to be spotless.

I promise, you don’t have to clean everything! We usually only stick with a few rooms (nursery, primary bedroom, and living room are most common). Occasionally we’ll use another space like a staircase, hallway, or the kitchen / dining room if they get lots of natural light. But we’ll discuss this before your session so you know which 1-3 rooms we’ll be aiming for in your home! Only having to pick up those rooms makes it much easier to prep for the sessions.

Tip #2 Plan on picking up clutter in the rooms we plan on using.

We want to limit clutter in the spaces we shoot, so plan on cleaning those rooms. This can be as simple as making the bed, clearing the nightstands, and making sure no clutter is on the floor.

Tip #3 Before I arrive, open the blinds and curtains.

Light makes the biggest difference in your photos. Even if you love a certain space, if it doesn’t get enough natural light, it may not photograph as well as another one. When I arrive, I’ll take a look at the room options and let you know which ones we’ll be using that day. We’ll turn off any overhead lights or side lamps so all the light is coming from the window. In some cases, I do need to add a little artificial light to fill out the space. However, you will still get those natural, soft photos.

Tip #4 Make sure everyone eats beforehand.

This is a big one. Getting your photos taken is never fun if you’re hangry. Make sure little ones have eaten a meal, and have simple, easy-to-eat snacks like cheerios on hand. Avoid anything messy (like chocolate) and sticky. Find something in small, individual bites so we don’t have to wait for the entire snack to be eaten before we continue. Plan on feeding baby right before the session arrives. Starting the session with a full belly is the best way to ensure baby is happy and comfortable.


That’s it! Those are a few tips on how to prepare for in-home newborn sessions. Just a few simple things can make all the difference! See a few more in-home newborn photos before taken in Northern Virginia.

cozy winter in home newborn photo

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