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May 8, 2017

3 Tips for Gorgeous Newlywed Portraits

I want you to think about which photos you’re most likely to frame from your wedding day. Are newlywed portraits at the top of the list? They typically are for most couples! Which makes sense because these are the moments that showcase what the day is about: your love!

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you get plenty of these moments in your gallery! That way, you can spend some time as newlyweds going through them all and picking out your absolute favorites. The ones you’ll proudly hang on your living room wall, knowing they captured all the love on that special day.

As a wedding photographer, my job is to make sure you get enough variety in your newlywed portraits! Although I’ll take care of the lighting, shooting locations and posing guidance, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the photos you’ve been dreaming about.

1. Plan for enough time. 

The best thing you can do is schedule it into your timeline! This is one of the reasons I love working on timelines with my couples. It takes the pressure off you because I’ll let you know the best time for portraits on your day.

I highly recommend having at least 30-minutes to an hour dedicated to just the two of you. This time allows you to truly soak up some alone time together – which is rare on a wedding day! Not to mention we can simply use more backdrops! It also allows the two of you to slow down and focus on each other – resulting in more natural photos that reflect your unique relationship.

Some couples opt to do a first look before the ceremony to make sure they capture all of these moments before the celebrations begin! Others plan to take them after the ceremony, as soon as family formals are done. Either way is fine, but having more time is always better than feeling rushed!

2. Take advantage of some alone time.

It’s also important to do these photos away from the rest of the party. You might have family members and guests interested in following you around during this part of the day, but you will likely be more comfortable without an audience! Trust me, it’s much harder to cozy up to each other when everyone is staring at you.

It also lets you take advantage of your venue! When we step away from the main area, we can find new locations we haven’t photographed yet, adding even more variety to your gallery. I also love capturing those in-between moments when we’re walking between spots, so it naturally adds those moments to the day.

3. Embrace golden hour.

This one is my favorite!! Not only is it the most flattering time of the day, but it’s also a great time to enjoy a few more minutes alone as newlyweds. It’s also the perfect way to add a romantic moment you’ll remember long after the wedding is over!! Because what’s more magical than sharing a sunset kiss with your brand new husband or wife?

If you want to do golden hour portraits, let your photographer know! I make a note on the timeline for my couples so I can keep an eye on the light. They’ll get an estimate ahead of time depending on the sunset time for the day, but I also keep an eye on our surroundings so we go outside at the perfect moment. When the time is right, I’ll find you! All it takes is five minutes, and you’ll have those beautiful, glowy photos for the rest of your life.

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