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March 29, 2023

How to Choose the Right Photographer for You | Northern Virginia Photographer

Choose the right photographer

How to Choose the Right Photographer for You

You know you want timeless family photos that make you feel something. You want an elevated experience to match. But how do you go about finding the right photographer for your family? A quick google search shows there are so many options. This little guide will walk you through six things to look at before making your decision.

01. Photography Style

First, you’ll want to look at a photographer’s portfolio to view their work. Look through their website, portfolio page, Instagram page and blog. Does their work make you feel something? Does it resonate with you?

Look closely and ask yourself:

  • Do you like lighter, brighter images? Or do you prefer darker, saturated tones?
  • What do you love about the images? Is it the emotion captured? The locations in the photos?
  • Do you prefer natural, relaxed, and candid images? Or do you prefer everything to be perfectly posed?
  • Do you find yourself drawn to film photographers?

Answering these questions will help you narrow down what you’re truly looking for in a photographer. Once you’ve decided you love their work and their photography style is the right fit, inquire to learn more. You can also ask to see a full gallery of photos.

02. Wardrobe Styling Services for Family Photos

If you’re looking for a photographer who can assist with wardrobe – or who even might have a client closet – you’ll want to confirm this before booking. Ask how a photography assists with wardrobe. Will they just send a simple style guide? Or will they assist with wardrobe styling every step of the way. This could include a styling meeting or dress appointment at the studio or over Zoom, emails with links to outfits tailored to everyone else in the family, a personalized style board with your outfits, etc.

Each photographer is going to offer a different experience, so it’s important to choose the one that resonates with your needs! Otherwise, you may find that choosing wardrobe takes up more time than you had planned.

My clients get the full experience. I have a client closet of dresses they can borrow from, and I help you style everyone in the family. I create custom style boards so you can visually see everyone’s outfits together. And I curate shoppable links if you want some extra help picking everything out! I never want my clients to feel overwhelmed with “what to wear” so I like to make it as easy as possible.


Dusty blue dresses for family maternity photos


03. Session Planning 

You also want to find a photographer who offers the location you want. If you want a minimalist, natural light photography studio, confirm that’s an option. If you’re hoping to have the session in your home, make sure the photographer is comfortable photographing in unpredictable, potentially low-light situations.

Likewise, if you’re seeking an outdoor location but you aren’t sure where that is, find a photographer who can skillfully guide you in choosing a spot that’s perfect for your family.


04. Prints & Products

Think about what types of products you desire most. That could be beautiful wall art you walk by every day in your home, an album you flip through to relive your moments as story, or a keepsake box to easily store prints. Decide which products and prints are the most important and find a photographer who offers the best in those categories. That way you’ll know you can easily order the products you want the most. And they’ll be heirloom-quality and designed to last, just like your story.


Framed gallery wall top photographer northern virginia


05. Reliability, Responsiveness, Professionalism

Look through reviews and testimonials to confirm the photographer has enough experience to meet your needs. Every photographer is going to offer a different experience, and you want to make sure you find one that’s right for you. Make sure you know when to expect the edited digital images, and how you will complete your digital image and artwork order after the session. Also – you’ll definitely want to make sure you sign a contract outlining everything you can expect when you book. This prevents unexpected surprises down the road!


06. Personality – connect with your photographer

I saved the best for last! It’s so important that you feel comfortable around your photographer. I love getting to know my clients and their families. Not only does it make for a better experience, it also leads to better photos! When you can relax and have fun during your portrait session, we get some truly special moments.

Interested in working together? Get in touch below! I would love to hear from you.



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