July 11, 2022

Three Reasons Heirloom Albums are Worth the Investment

Heirloom Album | Northern Virginia Photographer

Heirloom albums have a special place in my heart. It’s no surprise they are my top choice for family sessions, newborn sessions and maternity sessions! Simply put, they stand the test of time. And you have to admit – holding a photo in your hands is a different experience compared to seeing it on your phone or in a Facebook album.

First – what is an heirloom album?

Heirloom albums are particularly unique as they are designed differently than a classic “photo book” you may have purchased on websites like Shutterfly, etc. First, heirloom albums lay completely flat. The pages are bound this way so you can use the full spread from edge to edge. The pages are also ultra thick with true photographic paper. So you don’t have to worry about pages tearing or wearing away over time. Finally, they’re bound in luxury linen or leather with custom debossing for a personalized finish. They are beautiful and designed to last a lifetime! I’ve spent years searching for the highest quality albums for my clients, and I’m happy to share I’ve found the perfect match. We even have these albums in our own home for our family photos.

Here are a few reasons investing in an heirloom album is worth it for your family.

heirloom albums from northern virginia photographer

1. Heirloom albums bring your memories to life.

They’re one of the few things that haven’t changed even as time marches forward. No matter what’s going on around you, there’s something soothing about sitting on your couch flipping through each page and reliving the memories with your loved ones. You don’t have to spend time searching through the millions of photos on your phone. Instead, your favorite moments of all time, the ones that truly tell your story, are right at your fingertips.


2. Digital files can be lost, corrupt, or forgotten over time.

As time goes on, technology changes. Computers and hard drives crash and need to be replaced. If you’re not diligent with your cloud backups, photos can easily be lost in the process. If that happens, you can’t replace them. Trust me, you don’t want to experience that, especially when it’s a super important memory you can’t get back. There’s nothing worse than frantically searching all of your digital files for that one photo you really need and not being able to find it. Don’t wait until that happens – print your favorite moments today so you know exactly where they are when you need them.

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3. They save you time and stress compared to DIYing it. 

This is a big one! I can’t tell you how many clients tell me just how much time I saved them. If you love albums, but have limited time, outsourcing that task can be priceless.

First, think about the time saved just getting started with creating an album. To create an album you have to narrow down to your favorite photos, design the album layout using online software (which can take hours and hours trying to find the perfect layouts for each page), ensure your design will print properly, and send it to print. If you don’t have time to do all of those steps at once, this process may stretch out to days, weeks, even years. If you even get to it at all. Because let’s be honest, we all have that album we plan to get to “one day.”

Also, if you’re not familiar with that specific album design software, there’s a chance that after all that work, the final album won’t turn out how you expect. Maybe the edges trimmed part of a photo you wanted. Or you used web sized files, and they didn’t print the way they were supposed to. After all of that time and money spent creating your own, this kind of outcome can be devastating.


Take away all of that guess-work and stress by having your album done professionally.


Let me take care of everything so you get all of that time back into your life. Time you can spend with your family making new memories instead of worrying about printing old ones. You also get the benefit of my design expertise. I’ve designed many albums over the years, and I know which photos look best together. I’ll help you pick out the perfect custom cover tailored to your style and home decor. And I’ll ensure it prints perfectly – no more second guessing if what you ordered will actually be what you get. Instead, you’ll actually get to enjoy your photos right away!

See more heirloom album examples and see what clients are saying.

what is a lay flat photo album


“I cannot wait to see my daughter leaf through her newborn album.” – Karynne


gold foil debossing on heirloom album

“From our initial consultation to the completion of our album, Emily was there for us with the entire process. The album that we received in the end was such high quality and will be cherished forever!” – Nicole

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Interested in an heirloom album from your family session, newborn session, or wedding? Please inquire here to learn how you can get your very own heirloom album. I would love to help you bring your photos to life.


About the photographer:

Emily Alyssa Photography is located in Northern Virginia. We serve families with photography throughout Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland. We also are available to travel. The portrait experience takes care of you every step of the way. From planning the session location to personalized wardrobe styling, we have you covered. After your portrait session, we’ll help you print and frame your very favorite moments. Learn more about why our Signature Portrait Sessions are loved by families in Northern Virginia!


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