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September 20, 2017

Creating Your Wedding Family Photo List


The Wedding Family Photo List

Last week I talked about how to make the most of your family formal photos. So this week, I thought I would help you start thinking about your list! Now, I know every family is unique. So you may have different combinations for your list, which is completely fine. This is just to help you start thinking about how to structure your list!

Here is the list I send my couples in their questionnaire.

Traditional Wedding Family Formal Combinations

  • Bride & Groom + Officiant
  • Bride & Groom + Grandparents
  • Bride & Groom + Bride’s Parents
  • Bride & Groom + Bride’s Immediate family
  • Bride & Groom + Both Sets of Parents
  • Bride & Groom + Groom’s Parents
  • Bride & Groom + Groom’s Immediate family


I do recommend keeping your list between 10-15 combinations. The more you add, the more time we’ll need for photos – especially with larger groups. It takes more time than you’d think to get everyone in the photo in a good spot! And I promise, you don’t want to spend too long taking these. While they’re so important to have, you don’t want to take too much time away from the rest of the day. They can most likely be done within 20-30 minutes, but I will let you know if you need additional time based on your groupings.

Considering Individual Family Photos

You may also want to consider any other individual photos you want. For example, you may want a separate photo of just you and your dad (like that sweet one above!) or you with just your parents. I often try to take those smaller, individual groupings earlier in the day if possible. This saves time during family formals and gives you a little more variety in your photos. Plus, you’ll have to chance to get a few candid moments as well since you won’t be as rushed to do the next family combination. If we don’t have time before, we can definitely add them into the family formal list to ensure you get them!

If you still have questions about family formals, check out this blog post: 3 Tips to Make Family Formals a Breeze!


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