September 10, 2022

One Year Baby Milestone Photos | Simple Cake Smash at the Studio

One Year Baby Milestone Photos | Simple Cake Smash at the Studio

Grant’s one year baby milestone photos took place at the studio this summer. When it’s hot out, I’m always so thankful to have a cool, comfortable space for families! We took plenty of photos with mom and dad, and of course individual portraits to celebrate this exciting milestone. As always, we took a laid-back, natural approach and let Grant lead the session. He laughed, snuggled, and played with a few toys as well! (If you can bring in a couple of neutral toy options, it’s a great way to get natural photos and give your little one a break!)

I loved their color palette for wardrobe – shades of blue, whites, and brown button accents were perfect. I also loved how we paired a soft floral print for mom with textured dusty blue overalls for Grant. Dad kept it simple with navy pants and a white shirt to tie in with everyone else. The result? They look fantastic, and your eye naturally focuses on how sweet they all look together as a family! There are so many adorable emotions and expressions at this stage, you don’t want to miss any of them.

We wrapped up the portrait session with a simple cake smash. Grant’s mom, Melissa, made the cake which turned out beautifully!! I love how simple and sweet it looked. He was a little nervous to try it, but once he did he had a blast! See more of my favorite moments below.

Learn more about one year baby milestone – simple cake smash photos at our natural light Northern Virginia photography studio.

The blue floral dress can be found in our client closet and is available to borrow for all signature portrait sessions.


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