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June 6, 2019

Preparing for Rain on Your Wedding Day


Preparing for Rain on Your Wedding Day

The big day is almost here, and you’re watching the weather forecast on pins and needles. Trust me, I’ve been there! You can’t control the weather, but the idea that it could affect your day is giving you nightmares.

But don’t fret! Even if it rains, that doesn’t mean your day will be ruined. In fact, from a photography perspective, it can actually be helpful. You see, when the sky is overcast or cloudy, the light is soft, even and beautiful everywhere we go. Some of my favorite photos of all time came from rainy wedding days. It all comes down to taking a few extra steps before the big day gets here. 

Preparing for Rain on Your Wedding Day

(Photo taken at Airlie Center in Northern Virginia)

1. Buy clear umbrellas

These are perfect for outdoor photos on a rainy day! Since they’re clear on top, they let in lots of beautiful light so I can still clearly see your faces.  I always keep a handful of umbrellas in my car for weddings, but you may want to have a few extra on hand, especially if you have a large wedding party. Bonus tip: cute rain boots can be another fun way to stay dry!

Preparing for Rain on Your Wedding Day

(Photo taken in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

2. Create a back-up plan with your photographer.

Whenever rain is in the forecast, I come up with a couple back-up options for portraits. Most of the time, the venue will have a covered area that’s perfect for this! You would be surprised how much of a difference a small space can make. If it’s not raining too hard, we can also venture out with the umbrellas. And it doesn’t hurt to have an indoor location as a back-up as well! I always choose windows with lots of light, especially when we set up a first look inside.


(Photo taken at Airlie Center in Northern Virginia)

3. Try to relax!

This part can be hard, I admit, but I promise even if it rains it’s going to be an amazing day. You’re marrying your very best friend, and that’s the most important part! You can’t control the weather, so obsessively checking it for weeks leading up to the big day will only stress you out more. Instead, focus on the things you can control – like how much fun you’re going to have celebrating with everyone!

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