December 28, 2017

An Old Town Winter Engagement: Patrice & James


An Old Town Alexandria Engagement

It may have been freezing yesterday, but these two looked amazing at their engagement session!! And the session was extra special because their wedding is only a couple days away! I can’t wait to see them again so soon and capture even more special moments.

Their Proposal Story

After 10 months of being deployed to Iraq, James came home at the end of May with plans to ask Patrice to marry him. First, he asked her parents for their blessing. Then, he purchased a ring and decided to wait until their Florida trip the following month when Patrice would meet his family. During the month of waiting, she ALMOST found the ring a couple times by accident. But luckily she didn’t!

James chose the fourth of July to pop the question, following a fireworks show (so sweet!) While Patrice was distracted, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. He was nervous! She was stunned! The rest is history!! They celebrated with family and captured a few special moments at sunset on the beach the next day.

And now, in just two days, they will start on an even bigger adventure together. I can’t wait to share more of their story on their wedding blog!! Stay tuned for sneak peeks over the weekend and get ready to celebrate their amazing love!




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