September 18, 2017

The Monday Soundtrack: Good Times

Monday Soundtrack DC Wedding PhotographerHello, there!! We’re starting a new week, and this time I’ve got the Monday Soundtrack back on track. Bridget & Joe’s Springfield Country Club wedding on Saturday was easily my favorite highlight of the week! I could spend this whole post talking about how beautiful it was, but I’ll save that for their own post. Instead, I just included a few of my favorite sneak peeks!

As always, here are other highlights from the week:

  • Going through Whitney & Drew’s Congressional Country Club wedding photos from last weekend was so much fun! I love that part of my job is looking at pretty pictures all day. It doesn’t get better than that!
  • Sipping my first salted caramel mocha of the season was heaven. It literally combines TWO of my favorite things – which makes me oh so happy. And I wait all year for it!!
  • Note to self: don’t make excuses to skip yoga workouts during the week. Last week I made an extra conscious effort to include it, and it’s surprising how big of a difference it makes the day after a wedding!! Don’t get me wrong. I’m still tired and sore after being on my feet and carrying around all my gear for 8+ hours. But it made a significant difference! Also, if you ever hear me say on a wedding day “I’ve been working out specifically for this moment” (as I’m lugging a suitcase up a flight of stairs, along with a shoulder camera bag and light stand bag), you’ll know I’m not joking! I may be little, but I refuse to let my gear get the best of me.
  • I’m so ready to embrace all that is fall. Proof: adding pumpkin spice creamer to my morning coffee and enjoying cinnamon brown sugar apples for breakfast. In fact, keep an eye out for a related Friday Faves blog post later this week!


This week is going to be full of long days in the office because we’ll have visitors during the weekend! My best friend and her husband are visiting from San Diego, so I need to wrap up all my work before they arrive. Since they haven’t been to DC before, we are going to do all the touristy things. Yay! And we just happen to have our engagement party on Sunday. Perfect timing!! So if you need me, I’ll be heads down at my desk until then. Have a great week!

Song of the Week:

This time it’s “Good Times” by All Time Low.  Enjoy more sneak peeks from Bridget & Joe’s wedding below!!


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