September 7, 2018

Fall Engagement Photo Ideas: What to Wear

Fall Engagement Photo Ideas

Between the crisp, cool weather and pumpkin spice everything, fall is always a seasonal favorite for photos. So it’s no surprise many of couples choose to do their engagement sessions between September and November!

If you’re looking for engagement outfit inspiration for your own shoot, here are a few ideas to make the most of your photos – and this gorgeous season!!

Fall Engagement Photo Ideas Sweaters

Embrace Soft, Cozy Sweaters

It goes without saying fall is sweater weather! Adding knits and longer sleeves to your look is a great way to embrace the season.

Fall Engagement Photo Ideas Plaid

Add Plaid

Whether you wear a button-up, blazer or flannel, plaid is always a fall favorite. Usually it’s best if just one of you wears it, however, to prevent clashing.


Don’t Be Afraid to Dress Up

Wearing a long, flowy dress is the perfect way to add an elegant look to your photos. Favorite colors for fall: ivory, blush, earth tones or other neutrals are always beautiful options. For the gentlemen, a tailored suit is always a classic choice.



Bring Along Seasonal Accessories

Think: scarves, hats and boots will keep you cute and cozy. Blanket scarves are another popular favorite way to add texture to your photos. You can also take it to the next level by bringing along seasonal props: champagne flutes for a toast or mugs for hot chocolate are a great way to make your session feel like a fun fall date!


Wear Layers for a Cozy Look

Layers and fall go hand in hand. Not only is it a great way to stay warm when it starts to cool off, but it’s also an effortless way to complete your ensemble. Classic options: layer a sweater over a long-sleeve button-down, add a flowy cardigan or slip on a statement necklace or scarf halfway through the shoot for a fresh look.


Dress for the Season

If your session takes place later in the fall when temperatures drop, it’s important to take that into consideration while choosing your outfits. Sessions at sunrise can be particularly chilly! Wearing a cozy jacket is the best way to stay warm and look good. If you’re planning on wearing a dress and want photos without the jacket, I still recommend bringing it with you to wear in between shots. It’s never fun to be cold!!

Looking for more engagement photo advice?

Check out my engagement shoot makeup tips article. And if you’re looking to schedule your own session, send me an email for detailed pricing and availability. The fall season is always my busiest one, so I recommend booking early! 

And since you’re here, I may as well let you in on a little secret: I have a fun announcement coming out on Monday about fall mini sessions. Want early access? Sign up at my newsletter to find out a day early.


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