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5 Ways to De-Stress on Your Wedding Day

For couples

July 17, 2017

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As your wedding day approaches, you’re likely planning how the morning will go. But one thing you might not anticipate is the level of excitement and nerves you might face!! This goes for grooms too. It’s easy to think you’ll be cool, calm and confident the day of. But if you do get nervous, you’re not alone! Many couples deal with it as well before they walk down the aisle.

The solution? Here are five ways you can de-stress on your wedding day and truly enjoy the moments!


1. Finalize the timeline at least a week before you say “I do.”

Not only does this eliminate stress the week of your wedding, it also helps you stay in the moment on the actual day. If you have everything pre-scheduled, you won’t be playing guessing games with the clock while trying to get ready, spend time with your wedding party and reflect on the fact that you’re getting married in a few short hours!!

As a photographer, I always discuss the timeline three times with you. First, we go over the basics during your initial consultation. For example, what time is the ceremony and reception? How far is travel time between locations? After you book, I draft a sample timeline for your day based on a photography standpoint. We are typically far out from your wedding day, so the details will likely move around. But this initial draft lets you know how much time I typically need to capture the photos you saw in my portfolio. Finally, we’ll finalize everything at your pre-wedding consultation to make sure everything aligns perfectly for your day.

If you have a wedding planner, even better! You’ll likely work with them to create a timeline, and I’ll mirror mine to match it while ensuring key moments are captured. I’ll still send you a sample timeline upfront, but I am super flexible and enjoy working with planners to make sure every aspect is taken care of. Bonus: I highly recommend a planner or a month-of coordinator. They help with so many parts of a wedding day and ultimately take all that stress off of you – or anyone else you were thinking of asking to help. The planner will handle all the details, and everyone gets to enjoy your special day!


2. Delegate tasks. Avoid multi-tasking of any kind on your wedding day. Trust me! The minutes fly by so fast, and you want to be soaking in each and every one. As I mentioned – a planner will be a huge help in this area! You should also designate a ring person in your bridal party who ensures the rings make it to the ceremony after I shoot the ring shot (learn more about that here.) Likewise, if you have transportation arriving, food being brought to the room or any small task like that, ask a bridesmaid or family member to be the point person if needed. It can be tempting to be completely in control of everything that morning, but it’s just not possible. Trust me, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by taking a few moments for yourself!


3. Gather the bridal details ahead of time.

By putting these items in a box a few days before your wedding, you’ll be ahead of the game. You can even assign a bridesmaid to put the box in a certain area of the room with your dress. When I arrive to say hi and congratulations, just let me know who is in charge of the details! The only thing I’ll need from you is your engagement ring. (Don’t worry, I’ll bring it back as soon as I take the ring photos!) And then you can get right back to being pampered as you get ready. Unsure what to bring? I typed up a bridal details list to make it easier – view it here. 

Bonus tip: This goes for groom details as well (for example his shoes, watch, cufflinks, etc.)! Have him prepare a box too. Tell him to bring it with him to his getting ready room, but not to put those items on until after we shoot them. This allows him to spend more time with his groomsmen, and you both know you’ll get the detail photos you want!


4. Be sure to eat something!

You might feel too nervous or excited to eat in the morning, but you need to make sure you do! Otherwise, you run the risk of not feeling well – which is the last thing you want on your wedding day! Taking a few minutes to sit down and actually eat will give you the energy you need to stay in the moment. This is extra important if you’re sipping on a drink that morning! You don’t want to get lightheaded or faint during your vows – I promise.


5. Don’t forget to breathe.

This is a big one! With everything happening around you, it’s easy to forget about slowing down. Taking a few moments for yourself. And realizing how incredible it will feel to see your future spouse for the first time that day!! You’ll want to remember as much as possible and avoid the dreaded wedding day amnesia. So make sure you take the time to press pause, breathe and save those memories for the rest of your life!

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