August 30, 2017

A Charleston, SC Adventure


Highlights From Our Charleston Trip

A couple weeks ago B and I packed our bags and visited Charleston, South Carolina for the very first time! We were mostly going to see the total eclipse, but we decided to make it a long weekend to really explore the city. And you know what? It was so much fun!! From the incredible southern food to the charming atmosphere, it was a real treat to check this one off my bucket list.

The Total Eclipse

In one word: AMAZING!!! We were a little bummed it was cloudy, but it all ended up working out. We were able to see the partial eclipse most of the time, and we got a glimpse when totality started!! For those of you wondering, yes it got pretty dark. The street lights even went on! It was easily one of the coolest experiences of my life – thanks, B! He took care of getting our special glasses and everything since he had been looking forward to it since 2009. I didn’t end up taking any photos because I really wanted to stay in the moment, but B got a couple on his phone.


Other Charleston Highlights:

  • Exploring Magnolia Plantation & Gardens was such an adventure! My favorite parts were the bridges and the plantation house. The only downside was we went in August, so it was super hot and humid (and unfortunately, bugs love me)! But it was well worth it to see such a historical place.
  • We stayed at Fulton Lane Inn, a charming little place right off of King Street. The location couldn’t have been better! We were able to walk pretty much anywhere, and they had a daily wine and cheese reception. Who doesn’t love pimento cheese, crackers and a glass of chardonnay to start the evening?
  • All the barbecue food!! Queology was too good.
  • Rainbow Row is as iconic as ever! We couldn’t resist stopping to take a few photos. Same goes for the Battery and White Point Gardens. Those oak-lined paths are so romantic!
  • After getting several recommendations for Poogan’s Porch, we just had to add it to our list. It did not disappoint!! Favorites from the evening: hot shrimp & crab toast, country fried chicken and sparkling wine. Bonus: the story behind the name is so cute!
  • Another food favorite: Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits. They just opened a location in the City Market, which was right by our place. As it turns out, I’m a big fan of their mini biscuits. Top picks: cinnamon, country ham and buttermilk with pimento.
  • Speaking of City Market, it was another one of our favorite stops!! It was only steps from our hotel, so we ended up there a few times.
  • We stopped by Waterfront Park both to see the Pineapple Fountain and to do an anniversary session!! I shared a couple sneak peeks below. Their full blog post will be up soon!
  • One more food shoutout: Brown Dog Deli. It was so worth the wait during the lunch rush.
  • We ended the trip at Isle of Palms, which was absolutely perfect. There’s nothing better than an ocean view and sand beneath my feet.


Obviously, Charleston is worth a visit!! We will definitely be back! Until then, here are my favorite Charleston photos!!

2017-08-28_0020.jpg2017-08-28_0019.jpgWaterfront Park Charleston SC Anniversary Photo.jpg2017-08-28_0030.jpg

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