July 2, 2019

Best Maryland Engagement Session Locations


Best Maryland Engagement Session Locations

Earlier this week I shared my top DC engagement session locations, and the Virginia list has been up for a while. So I thought I would make a list for all of my Maryland couples!


Brookside Gardens

Featuring a rose garden and plenty of other greenery, Brookside Gardens is a romantic place for an engagement session. It’s located in Wheaton, MD, and does require a permit.


Kent Island – Terrapin Beach

This location has access to the beach and wooded trails, making it perfect if you love waterfront views!


Local Farms

This couple had a family friend with a farm in Maryland, and it was the perfect backdrop for their fall engagement session.


Tidewater Inn

Exploring a town like Easton, MD, is a great way to add East Coast charm to your engagement session! Note: travel more than 60 miles from Fairfax, VA, may have an additional fee.


Eastern Shore

I am always up for an adventure! If you’re looking for a session on the Eastern Shore, there are lots of beautiful locations for you to choose from. Note: travel more than 60 miles from Fairfax, VA, may have an additional fee.

Other Maryland locations & ideas:

Fells Point

Downtown Annapolis

Clyburn Arboretum – permit required

Metapeake Beach 

Sandy Point State Park

Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens – permit required

Glenview Mansion

National Harbor 

Federal Hill

Historic London Town & Gardens on the South River – permit required

Local Vineyards



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